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Boyd Nation is a 1988 graduate of Mississippi State University, currently residing in Birmingham, Alabama, with his wife and however many children haven't moved out yet. His only qualification to write about college baseball is that he is occasionally right. He first released the Iterative Strength Ratings and the pseudo-RPI's in 1998. In real life, he works as an information security and compliance advisor in the electric power industry.

Just to clarify a misconception from the online version of a newspaper article that turns up too easily with Google, Boyd's playing career ended when it was discovered that he couldn't hit a high-school caliber curve ball; he certainly did not play at the college level.

All material published on Boyd's World, unless otherwise noted, is copyrighted by Boyd Nation. While reference to specific facts, such as the standing of a given team within the ISR's or a team's strength of schedule, obviously falls within the realm of fair use and is encouraged, reproduction of an entire list without specific permission is prohibited, not to mention just plain tacky.

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Boyd's World-> About the Author Write the author, Boyd Nation