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Boyd's World -- Reprint Rates

All material published on Boyd's World, unless otherwise noted, is copyrighted by Boyd Nation. While reference to specific facts, such as the standing of a given team within the ISR's or a team's strength of schedule, obviously falls within the realm of fair use and is encouraged, reproduction of an entire list without specific permission is prohibited.

Rates for reprints of material on this site are based on the following structure, based on going rates for print media:

Single feature, in print   $50
Single feature, online (*)   $60
Season (15-17 weeks) of a feature, in print   $300
Season (15-17 weeks) of a feature, online (*)   $400

(*) Online reprints of ratings lists such as the ISR's and pseudo-RPI's will only be allowed to reprint a subset of the ratings with a pointer back to this site for the full list.

These rates apply to both text items like the Breadcrumbs columns and to statistical lists such as the ISR's or pseudo-RPI's. These rates are negotiable under some circumstances; don't hesitate to ask about specifics for your publication. In particular, permission will generally be granted for no charge for limited pressbox use.

These listings do not constitute permission to reprint even with payment; they're simply provided in order to give you the ballpark before contacting me. To arrange permission, write to and let me know what you're interested in using.

Rates for original freelance material begin at $100 and go up depending on complexity, length, and reusability.

Boyd's World-> Reprint Rates Write the author, Boyd Nation