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The Annual Non-conference Preview, Short Form

Publication Date: November 25, 2003

It Froze the Other Night, Anyway

Usually I take this week off, but I doubled up on weeks off not long ago, so I figure you deserve something. I've also been trying to avoid the annual columns this year since I felt like I was getting in a rut, but this is one of my favorites, and I can do a short version, so here goes. As a compromise, I'm going to omit my usual utterly pointless commentary, since you know who these teams are as well as I do. Here are the games that interest me from the pre-conference season for next year:

January 30-February 1:
Cal State Fullerton-Stanford

February 6-8:
Arizona State-Florida State
Cal State Fullerton-Nevada-Las Vegas

February 13-15:
Minute Maid Classic (Houston, Kansas State, Texas Tech, Texas, Ohio State, 
Arizona-Cal State Fullerton
Long Beach State-Southern California

February 14-16:

February 20-22:
Coca-Cola Classic (Wake Forest, Cal State Northridge, Arizona State, Rice, 
    Memphis, Lamar)
Public Storage Classic (Southern California, Notre Dame, San Diego State, 
Baylor-Long Beach State
Cal State Fullerton-Houston
Florida State-Oral Roberts
Texas A&M-South Alabama

February 27-29:
Kia Baseball Bash (Southern California, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma, 
    Cal State Fullerton)
Keith Leclair Invitational (East Carolina, Clemson, Georgia Southern)
Rice Invitational (North Carolina, Rice, Northwestern State, Nebraska)
Long Beach State-Houston
Mississippi-South Alabama
Texas-San Diego State
Texas Christian-Texas Tech

March 5-7:
Arizona State-East Carolina
Baylor-UC Irvine
Cal State Fullerton-Texas
Houston-Louisiana State
North Carolina State-San Diego State
Texas A&M-UCLA

March 6-7:
Clemson-South Carolina

March 11-13:
Express College Classic (Arizona, Texas Christian, Notre Dame, Penn State)

March 11-14:
Aztec Invitational at Petco (Long Beach State, Nebraska, San Diego State, 
    San Diego, UCLA, Houston)

March 12-14:
Yellow Book Classic (Oral Roberts, UC Irvine, Pepperdine, Washington State)
Arizona State-Tulane
Cal State Fullerton-Minnesota
Mississippi State-Southern California

March 16-17:
Arizona State-Oklahoma State
Southern California-Tulane

March 18-20:
Arizona-Long Beach State
UC Irvine-Minnesota

March 19-21:
Clemson-Texas Tech
Southern California-South Alabama

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