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Stuff to Look Forward To

Publication Date: November 16, 2004

As I put this week's column together, I realized something: I've been doing this for a while (and, for those of you who've been kind enough to ask, I'm not burned out at all; I'm just tired. The ongoing sleep deprivation of having an infant is hitting a lot harder at 38 than it did at 27, and it was hard at 27. I'll keep getting stuff out when I can). This particular annual column started the first year I did Breadcrumbs back in 2000 as an antidote to my usual mild case of Seasonal Affective Disorder; I just wanted to see what was coming in February. Over time it's evolved into a handy listing of the major non-conference schedule for the coming year, so that's what you get this week: My list of games that I'm really looking forward to for next season. There are no hard and fast rules about what gets listed here -- it's a mixture of last year's good teams, teams I expect to make noise, series that have intangible interest, and just fun stuff.

I've also learned over the years that commentary is largely superfluous, so I'll get out of the way in a minute, but first a couple of thoughts:

What I'm looking forward to:

1/21-1/23 Cal Poly-San Diego
1/28-1/30 Cal Poly-UCLA
1/28-1/30 Long Beach State-Arizona State
2/4-2/6 Cal State Fullerton-Stanford
2/4-2/6 Texas-San Diego State
2/4-2/6 UC Riverside-San Diego
2/8 UC Riverside-UCLA
2/11-2/13 Cal Poly-Pepperdine
2/11-2/13 Florida State-Auburn
2/11-2/13 Kansas-Stanford
2/11-2/13 Long Beach State-Southern California
2/11-2/13 Minute Maid Classic: Baylor, Houston, Tennessee, Rice, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M
2/11-2/13 UC Irvine-Washington
2/11-2/13 Coca-Cola Spring Training Classic: Arizona State, Oklahoma, South Alabama, Gonzaga
2/15 Houston-Rice
2/18 Mississippi-Lamar
2/18-2/20 Cal State Fullerton-Southern California
2/18-2/20 Houston-Pepperdine
2/18-2/20 Miami, Florida-Florida
2/18-2/20 Texas-Stanford
2/18-2/20 Tulane-Arizona State
2/18-2/20 Coca-Cola Classic: Texas A&M, Jacksonville, South Alabama, Wake Forest
2/19 Mississippi-Rice
2/20 East Carolina-Clemson
2/22 Houston-Rice
2/22 Southern Mississippi-South Alabama
2/22 UC Riverside-UCLA
2/25 Texas A&M-Washington
2/25-2/27 Baylor-Arizona State
2/25-2/27 Birmingham-Southern-North Carolina
2/25-2/27 Clemson-UC Irvine
2/25-2/27 Houston-Louisiana State
2/25-2/27 Tulane-Pepperdine
2/25-2/27 UC Riverside-Arizona
2/26 Nebraska-Rice
2/27 Texas A&M-Washington
3/1 Auburn-South Alabama
3/1 Lamar-Rice
3/1 Long Beach State-Pepperdine
3/1 UC Riverside-Southern California
3/4 Nebraska-Rice
3/4-3/5 Oklahoma-Cal State Fullerton
3/4-3/5 Oklahoma-UCLA
3/4-3/6 Baylor-Long Beach State
3/4-3/6 Clemson-Auburn
3/4-3/6 Texas-Arizona
3/4-3/6 UC Riverside-Oregon State
3/4-3/6 Round Rock Classic: Texas A&M, Southern California, Texas State, Notre Dame
3/5 East Carolina-Arizona State
3/5-3/6 Kansas-Mississippi State
3/6 Cal State Fullerton-UCLA
3/6 East Carolina-Georgia
3/6 Lamar-Southern Mississippi
3/6 Nebraska-Southern California
3/8 Oklahoma State-Arkansas
3/8 Southern Mississippi-Mississippi
3/8 Tulane-Louisiana State
3/8 UC Riverside-Southern California
3/9 Texas-Rice
3/11-3/13 Arizona State-Louisiana State
3/11-3/13 Arizona-Mississippi State
3/11-3/13 Baylor-Vanderbilt
3/11-3/13 Cal State Fullerton-Tulane
3/11-3/13 Long Beach State-Houston
3/11-3/13 Texas A&M-UCLA
3/11-3/13 Public Storage Classic: Texas Tech, Southern California, UC Irvine, Wichita State
3/12 Wichita State-Southern California
3/18-3/20 Cal Poly-Washington
3/18-3/20 Cal State Fullerton-Arizona
3/18-3/20 Long Beach State-Wichita State
3/18-3/20 Oklahoma-Arizona State
3/22 Georgia Tech-Auburn
3/22 Texas A&M-Houston
3/29 Cal State Fullerton-UCLA
3/29 Houston-Rice
3/29 Southern Mississippi-Alabama
3/30 Florida-Florida State
3/31-4/3 Miami, Florida-Oral Roberts
4/5 Baylor-Houston
4/5 Georgia Tech-Auburn
4/5 Long Beach State-UCLA
4/5 Southern Mississippi-Mississippi
4/5-4/6 Clemson-Georgia
4/6 Kansas-Wichita State
4/6 Mississippi State-Birmingham-Southern
4/8-4/10 UC Riverside-Washington
4/12 Long Beach State-Pepperdine
4/12 Oklahoma State-Wichita State
4/12 Texas A&M-Rice
4/13 Clemson-South Carolina
4/13 Georgia Tech-Georgia
4/13 Kansas-Wichita State
4/13 North Carolina-East Carolina
4/19 Florida-Florida State
4/19 Southern Mississippi-Mississippi
4/19 Tulane-Louisiana State
4/20 Clemson-South Carolina
4/20 Georgia Tech-Georgia
4/22-4/24 UC Irvine-Arizona
4/26 Houston-Rice
4/26 Oklahoma-Wichita State
4/26 UC Irvine-UCLA
4/26-4/27 Southern Mississippi-Mississippi State
4/27 Alabama-South Alabama
4/27 Nebraska-Wichita State
5/3 Florida-Florida State
5/3 Oklahoma-Wichita State
5/4 Kansas-Wichita State
5/10 Cal State Fullerton-Pepperdine
5/10 Oklahoma State-Oral Roberts
5/10 Texas A&M-Houston
5/10 UC Irvine-UCLA
5/11 Baylor-Rice
5/17 Cal State Fullerton-San Diego
5/17 East Carolina-North Carolina
5/17 Houston-Rice
5/17 Oklahoma State-Wichita State
5/17-5/18 Notre Dame-Southern California

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