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One Toe Back In -- The 2008 Non-Conference Schedule

Publication Date: December 20, 2007

I'm not quite ready to start writing again yet, but, just to get the conversation and the juices flowing again, here's the 2008 non-conference schedule for games between teams that finished in the top 50 in ISR last year. One obvious result of the new scheduling restrictions is the growth of the four-game series -- I count at least a half-dozen here. Just looking at the number of series here, there are actually more than were scheduled last year, but I haven't counted to see if that encompasses more or fewer games -- Ockham's Razor would argue for more games, if anything, because there are fewer travel days available.

2/22  Oregon State vs Vanderbilt
2/22,24  Kansas State at California
2/22-24  Cal State Fullerton at Texas Christian
2/22-24  Creighton at Washington State
2/22-24  East Carolina at South Carolina
2/22-24  Minnesota at Mississippi
2/22-24  Oklahoma at UCLA
2/22-24  Rice at Long Beach State
2/22-24 (4)  Gonzaga at Oklahoma State
2/22-24 (4)  Nebraska at Stanford
2/22-25  Washington at UC Riverside
2/23  Louisiana-Lafayette vs Oral Roberts
2/23  Vanderbilt at Arizona State
2/26  San Diego at Long Beach State
2/26  UC Riverside at Pepperdine
2/27  Southern California at UC Irvine
2/28-3/1  Arizona State vs Michigan
2/29  Cal Poly at San Diego
2/29  California vs Missouri
2/29  Louisville vs North Carolina State
2/29  Oklahoma vs Rice
2/29  Texas Christian at Minnesota
2/29  Wichita State at Long Beach State
2/29,3/2  Southern Mississippi at Louisiana-Lafayette
2/29-3/2  Cal State Fullerton at Stanford
2/29-3/2  UC Riverside at Nebraska
3/1  Arkansas at Texas A&M
3/1  Clemson at South Carolina
3/1  Missouri at San Diego
3/1  Pepperdine vs Texas Christian
3/1  Rice vs Texas
3/1-2  Wichita State at Long Beach State
3/2  Cal Poly vs Missouri
3/2  California at San Diego
3/2  Pepperdine at Minnesota
3/2  South Carolina at Clemson
3/2  Western Carolina at Coastal Carolina
3/4  San Diego at UC Irvine
3/4  Southern California at Pepperdine
3/4  Southern Mississippi at Mississippi
3/4  UCLA at Cal State Fullerton
3/5  Cal State Fullerton at UCLA
3/5  North Carolina-Charlotte at South Carolina
3/5  Pepperdine at Southern California
3/7  Creighton vs Western Carolina
3/7  Oklahoma State at San Diego
3/7-9  Baylor at Mississippi State
3/7-9  Cal Poly at Washington
3/7-9  Mississippi at Texas Christian
3/7-9  Southern Mississippi at Cal State Fullerton
3/7-9  Stanford at Texas
3/8  California at Minnesota
3/8  Michigan at East Carolina
3/8  Oregon State vs San Diego
3/8  Western Carolina at Rice
3/9  Creighton at Rice
3/11  Cal State Fullerton at San Diego
3/11  Coastal Carolina at North Carolina
3/11  Pepperdine at UCLA
3/11  Texas at Rice
3/11  Washington State at Kansas State
3/11-12  Arkansas at Arizona State
3/11-12  Baylor at Oral Roberts
3/11-12  Western Carolina at Vanderbilt
3/12  UC Irvine at Southern California
3/12  Washington State at San Diego
3/12  Washington State at Wichita State
3/13-15  UCLA at Cal Poly
3/14,16  Southern California at Long Beach State
3/14-16  Cal State Fullerton at Arizona
3/14-16  Oral Roberts at Pepperdine
3/14-16  Texas Christian at Wichita State
3/14-16  Washington State at Oklahoma
3/15  Long Beach State at Southern California
3/15-16  Michigan at Coastal Carolina
3/18  Cal State Fullerton at Pepperdine
3/18  Coastal Carolina at Clemson
3/18  Louisville at Vanderbilt
3/18  Wichita State at Oral Roberts
3/18-19  Arkansas at Nebraska
3/19  Louisiana-Lafayette at Rice
3/20-22  Pepperdine at Oregon State
3/21  Long Beach State at UCLA
3/22 (2)  UCLA at Long Beach State
3/23  UC Irvine at Arizona State
3/24  Oral Roberts at Texas
3/24-25  Missouri at Minnesota
3/25  Gonzaga at Washington State
3/25  Long Beach State at Pepperdine
3/25  Mississippi at Southern Mississippi
3/25  San Diego at Cal State Fullerton
3/25-26  Arizona at Oklahoma State
3/26  Creighton at Kansas State
3/28-30  Long Beach State at California
3/31  Long Beach State at Stanford
4/1  Baylor at Texas Christian
4/1  Nebraska at Creighton
4/1  North Carolina State at East Carolina
4/1  Rice at Texas
4/1  UC Riverside at Southern California
4/2  Oral Roberts at Wichita State
4/2  Southern California at San Diego
4/8  Cal Poly at Pepperdine
4/8  Cal State Fullerton at Southern California
4/8  Oral Roberts at Arkansas
4/8  San Diego at UC Riverside
4/8  Texas Christian at Baylor
4/8  UC Irvine at UCLA
4/8  Washington State at Gonzaga
4/8  Western Carolina at South Carolina
4/8  Wichita State at Kansas State
4/9  Clemson at South Carolina
4/9  Coastal Carolina at North Carolina State
4/9  Oklahoma at Wichita State
4/9  UC Riverside at San Diego
4/11-13  UC Riverside at UCLA
4/14-15  Washington at Gonzaga
4/15  Arkansas at Oral Roberts
4/15  Coastal Carolina at Virginia
4/15  East Carolina at North Carolina State
4/15  Kansas State at Creighton
4/15  Oklahoma at Texas Christian
4/15  Pepperdine at Long Beach State
4/15  Rice at Texas A&M
4/15  Southern California at Cal State Fullerton
4/15  UC Irvine at San Diego
4/15  Western Carolina at Clemson
4/15  Wichita State at Nebraska
4/16  North Carolina-Charlotte at North Carolina
4/16  South Carolina at Clemson
4/22  Cal Poly at California
4/22  Clemson at Western Carolina
4/22  Creighton at Nebraska
4/22  Gonzaga at Washington State
4/22  Long Beach State at San Diego
4/22  North Carolina at North Carolina-Charlotte
4/22  Texas Christian at Oklahoma
4/22-23  Arizona State at Cal State Fullerton
4/22-23  Mississippi State at Southern Mississippi
4/22-23  UC Irvine at Kansas State
4/23  Wichita State at Oklahoma State
4/29  Kansas State at Wichita State
4/29  San Diego at Cal State Fullerton
4/29  Southern California at Cal Poly
4/29  Texas A&M at Texas Christian
4/29  UCLA at Pepperdine
4/29-30  Oregon State at Gonzaga
4/30  California at Cal Poly
4/30  Wichita State at Oklahoma
5/2-4  Louisiana-Lafayette at Nebraska
5/6  Cal Poly at Southern California
5/6  Pepperdine at Cal State Fullerton
5/6  San Diego at UCLA
5/6-7  Arizona State at Kansas State
5/7  Creighton at Missouri
5/7  Oklahoma State at Rice
5/13  Nebraska at Creighton
5/13  Oral Roberts at Wichita State
5/13  Pepperdine at Cal Poly
5/13  UCLA at UC Irvine
5/13  Washington State at Gonzaga
5/14  Southern California at UC Riverside
5/19  Oregon State at Long Beach State
5/20  Pepperdine at UC Riverside
5/20  UCLA at Cal State Fullerton
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